George Mastrogiannis

Commercial Property Manager

If you’re looking for someone who can cut to the chase, George is your man. You won’t get the hard sell or all the talk you get from others in the industry, but you will get dedication and know-how.

George has been working in property since 2010 — and all of that time has been spent in Melbourne’s south-east, meaning he has a great understanding of the market and its strengths and weaknesses.

Professional development is one of George’s key skills, and as well as his study in asset and facility management, he has plenty of experience in both residential and commercial property. He’s always looking to expand his knowledge, and from there, make sure you get the very best service to support your property goals.

Punctual, professional and friendly, you know what you’re getting with George. And we’re sure you’ll be more than happy with his client-focused approach to ensure you get maximum rewards.